Protect your Windows from malware in an effective way


Cybercriminals encrypt important files on any computer and make them unusable with the help of ransomware malware. They also demand money to get these files back. Access to the files is granted only if the requirements are met. Thus, Microsoft has added a built-in ransomware protection security app to the Windows operating system to protect users from malware.


To protect against ransomware malware:

  • First, type Windows Security in the Windows Start menu.
  • Now select the Windows security app in the search list and click on Virus and threat protection option.
  • Now click on the Manage Ransomware Protection link under Ransomware Protection at the end of the screen.
  • If you turn on the Controlled folder access option from here, an unknown app cannot make any changes to your files, pictures, videos, or music folders.
  • As a result, useful information will remain safe even if ransomware malware spreads to the computer.
  • If you turn on Controlled folder access, you will see three options: Block history, Protected folders, and Allow an app through Controlled folder access.

Program In Details

Block history

Go to block history to see the list of automatically blocked apps. It is also known that some apps have recently tried to change computer files.

Protected Folders

Use Protected folders to protect desktop folders (which are not protected by default) from ransomware malware attacks. After entering the option, click Select Folder after selecting Desktop folder from Add a protected folder.

App Permissions

If you can't use an app after ransomware protection is turned on, you'll need to give the app permission to use it. For this, go to the Ransomware protection page and select Allow an app through Controlled folder access. If you click the Add an Allowed App button, you will see the list of blocked apps in the Recently blocked apps option. Just click the plus button next to the app you need to get permission to use it.


Moreover, some other third-party PC Third Party Software like CC Cleaner Pro, IObit Uninstaller Pro, IObit Driver Booster, Kaspersky Security, and Avira Prime Pack can protect the PC from Malware Attack.


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