Make your Internet Download Manager premium for free (No Crack)


What is IDM?

IDM or Internet Download Manager is a file download manager tool that can download any file from internet with 2x speed than a regular web browser like Firefox, Google chrome, Opera and Brave browser. It downloads a file as 4-5 part that can increase download faster.

Premium Benefit

There are some benefits to use premium version. These are:

- No crack, so it was safe from virus and malware
- You can update your app
- It will be active with your own email
- Life time warranty
- Many more

How to do

1. Uninstall any previous version of idm
2. Download idm from official website and install it. Don't open idm.
3. Download zip file from this link size 30KB only
4. Extract zip fille and open IAS_0.7_CRC32_58F0EACC.txt with notepad or any text editor
5. Now replace with your personal mail. Then save file as .cmd extension

6. Launch IAS_0.7_CRC32_58F0EACC.cmd file then follow screenshot.

7. Here enter 1 with your keyboard and press Enter.

8. Now check your IDM. It will be registered with your email.

Congratulation, you registered IDM with free of cost. If you want to support the developer, then please buy IDM from official site. Thanks.  


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