Best amazing tools for customizing Windows 10/11

Microsoft is a very popular OS operator in the Windows Operating system. But its customizations are pre-build, so there is no uniqueness in your PC/Computer. Today, I will introduce you to some software. Hopefully, you will like it.


Rainmeter provides you with customizable skins. Their other customizations are - launching different applications on click, recording your notes, etc. You can add different skins like clock, memory usage, battery usage, and weather forecast directly to the desktop. Best of all, it helps you give a new look to your desktop, and its interactive skins help you control most things directly from the desktop. There is another software as an alternative. With which only live wallpaper can be set.

Download Rain Meter

◣WinAero Tweaker◥

WinAero Tweaker is one of the best tools to customize your Windows 10. It includes a significant number of customizing tools. It also supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. It includes most of the apps released by WinAero and several new tweaks.

Download WinAero Tweaker


CustomizerGod is an old customizing tool but very popular. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 and is very easy to use. It contains a bunch of icons. You can change icons for the Start Menu, Login Screen, Drive, and more. You can edit any image as well as give your dull desktop screen a completely different look.

Download CustomizerGod


If you're looking for a clean desktop and quick access to all the files and folders you need, RocketDoc might be perfect for you. Drag and Drop interface is provided in this launcher. It allows you to pin shortcuts to your desktop screen. The best thing about RocketDoc is that it doesn't slow down your computer.

Download RocketDock


If you are a regular desktop user and have a lot of software installed on your PC, it can be considered the best tool to organize all your programs and files. Like Android, Fences lets you create groups of apps and files and provides easy access. You can easily resize and expand all your files and folders.

Download Fences

◣Folder Marker◥

If you are working on large projects that involve sharing files and folders, it may be difficult to keep data organized. In such cases, Folder Marker can be a useful tool for you. It lets you change the color of your folders and set their files as high-priority, low-priority, complete, important, and private. You can set subfolders to keep data more organized.

Download Folder Marker

◣Login Screen Background Changer◥

If your lock screen background is boring you with the same old default Windows wallpaper, you don't need to change the boot system; it's as easy as customizing your wallpaper. Download this lock screen background changer app on your desktop and customize your lock screen. This free tool lets you set custom images as your Windows lock screen background.

Download Login Screen Background Changer

Happy Customizing! 😃


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